Release Notes

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Release Notes

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FlexPDE is an evolving product.  It is also a complex product.  The addition of new features and the repair of  errors occasion the release of new versions.  In this section we present a brief history of the changes made in FlexPDE.  The most recent version is listed first, followed by increasingly older versions.


Version 8.00



FlexPDE Version 8 is a major rewrite of the FlexPDE application.  


Among the new features in the initial release of FlexPDE version 8 are:


New selectors for OpenGL mesh, contour, and surface plots; GLGRID, GLCONTOUR, GLSURFACE.

Automatic mesh RECONNECT on moving meshes.

EXPLICIT variables.

Enhanced Internet Key license functionality, with online access to license status and release.

Rotational (Axial) Extrusion.

Complex Eigenvalues.

SVG graphics export.

Generalization of the PERIODIC MAP to allow for variable exchanges.

Additional built-in hyperbolic functions COTH, SECH, and CSCH.

New FLOOR and CEILING functions as alternatives to Max and Min, that provide a continuous derivative.

New EDGE_DISTANCE function for calculating distance along a named path.

Improved diagnostics for discontinuous Jacobians interfering with Newton convergence.

Improved TRANSFER file format.

Improved error measure.

Improved parameter/equation summaries in debug file.

Many other internal improvements.