License Registration Tab

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License Registration Tab

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The License Registration tab presents various controls for license registration :



Computer ID

This text is the unique identification of your computer.  It may be used to request a software key or trial license for FlexPDE Professional. It is also used automatically by the Internet Key license to identify the current computer. The ID is four groups of four hexadecimal numbers.

Current License

The current licensing information is displayed here. In the currently shown case, FlexPDE is registered to a local dongle. The dongle's serial number is 2-2428253 and it contains one 3D license that expires on Jan 1, 2025.

License Method

Changes to the licensing method can be made here. Additional windows will open to complete the process. See note below and the section "Registering FlexPDE".


Note : any changes made will not take place until the "Apply" button is clicked. Clicking "Cancel" will discard any changes. Clicking "Close" will prompt the user if there are unsaved changes.