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 This problem constructs a cocktail glass.

 It is the geometric construction only, there are no variables or equations.

LIMITED regions are used to remove parts of the extruded shape.


 Click "Controls->Domain Review" to watch the mesh construction process.



TITLE 'Cocktail Glass'


COORDINATES cartesian3



 rad=sqrt( x^2+ y^2)

 router = 0.3     { outer radius of glass }

 zglass = 0.5     { glass height }

 rbase = 0.2       { radius of the base }

 zbase = 0.02     { thickness of the base and cone}

 rstem = 0.02     { radius of the stem }

 zstem = 0.3       { height of the stem }

 zslope = (zglass-zstem)/(router-rstem){ slope of conic surface }

 glassangle = arctan(zslope)           { slope of conic surface }

 zcone = max(0,(rad-rstem)*zslope)     { conic surface of the glass }



surface 'bottom' z=0

  layer 'base layer'

surface 'stem1'  z=zbase

  layer 'stem layer'

surface 'lower'  z = zstem + zcone

  layer 'cone layer'

surface 'upper'  z = zbase*cos(glassangle) + min(zglass, zstem + zcone)



limited region 'outer'

  layer 'cone layer'     { outer region exists only in cone  }

  start (router,0) arc( center=0,0) angle=360


limited region 'base'

  layer 'base layer'     { base region exists only in base }

  start(rbase,0) arc(center=0,0) angle=360


limited region 'stem'

  layer 'stem layer' { stem region exists in the stem and the bottom of the cone }

  layer 'cone layer'

  start(rstem,0) arc(center=0,0) angle=360



  grid(x,y,z) paintregions   as "final mesh"

  grid(y,z) on x=0 nolines paintregions as "Region Map"