Installing on Windows (XP/Vista/7)

Windows installation is controlled by an interactive program that lets you choose the directory into which you wish to install.
When you download the installation file from the internet you will receive a file with a name resembling fpde600wintel.exe or fpde600wintel64.exe

To install :

The Installation program will place an icon for FlexPDE6 on your desktop, and also make an entry in the "start" list.
You can subsequently invoke FlexPDE6 by clicking the icon, by locating FlexPDE6 in the "start" list, or by double-clicking on any .pde file in Windows Explorer.

Dongle Installation

Licensed use of FlexPDE6 Professional Version relies on a hardware license device, or dongle. Before the license dongle can be recognized on any computer, you must install the dongle driver.
The dongle installation program is located on your CD, or can be downloaded from Once the dongle driver is installed, you can upgrade versions of FlexPDE without reinstalling the dongle driver.