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The installation files presented on this page will install FlexPDE7 in Lite mode and can be used free for evaluation. In this mode, unkeyed scripts that you create will be restricted to five simultaneous equations, as well as 100, 400 and 1200 mesh cells in 1D, 2D and 3D, respectively, for a cubic model. (The cell maximum is based on the interpolation order and will increase for quadratic and linear models.) You can also run problems which have been specially keyed by PDE Solutions Inc. (see the Samples folder). All keyed problems will run in full Professional mode. You can change any numeric or textual (string) item in a keyed demo problem without invalidating the key!

The Lite version can be unlocked to Professional mode by installing a license key of the appropriate 1D, 2D or 3D configuration. On the menu to the left, click Licensing to request a 30-day free trial or Pricing to see the pricing structure or Buy Now to purchase a license.

Licensed version 7 users can install over an older version in the 7.x series; your license key remains valid. Users of FlexPDE version 6 or earlier can install version 7 without invalidating your existing application. Version 7 installs in a separate folder, and uses a different license key or dongle.

Previous versions:

The last release of previous versions can be found on our support pages.
Access through the "Support" menu on the left or here :
FlexPDE version 5
FlexPDE version 6

All available downloads, including earlier releases of the current version can be found by name in the download directory.

Current version:

FlexPDE version 7.21 (Dec 9, 2022) (see changes) (see known bugs)
Includes documentation in Help or Html format. For documentation in PDF format for printing, see the FlexPDE Bookstore.

FlexPDE Installer:

Host Operating Systems



Windows 64 (XP/Vista/7/8/10)
(AMD64 or Intel64)


fpde721win64.exe (25 MB)

Linux86 64
(AMD64 or Intel64)
(Compiled on Suse Leap 42.2)


fpde720suse42x86_64.tar.gz (30 MB)

Linux86 64
(AMD64 or Intel64)
(Compiled on Suse 15)


fpde721suse15x86_64.tar.gz (30 MB)
flexpde-7-20.x86_64.suse15.rpm (38 MB)

Linux86 64
(AMD64 or Intel64)
(Compiled on CentOS 7)


fpde721centos86_64.tar.gz (30 MB)
flexpde-7-20.x86_64.centos.rpm (40 MB)

Linux86 64
(AMD64 or Intel64)
(Compiled on Ubuntu 20.04)


fpde721ubuntu86_64.tar.gz (31 MB)
flexpde-7-20.x86_64.ubuntu.rpm (45 MB)

MacOS - Intel
(10.8 to 11.6)


fpde721macx.dmg (29 MB)

MacOS - M1
(11.0 to 13.0)


fpde721macm1.dmg (29 MB)
This is a BETA release!

(Burn an Installer CD)


FlexPDE721.iso (400 MB)

CodeMeter Dongle Driver Installer:
(Version 7 only. For previous versions, use the support pages listed above.)

Dongle license use requires installation of a dongle driver on each machine that will have a dongle attached.
Use the drivers listed below:

Windows 64 (Vista/7/8/10) (AMD64 or Intel64)

or Vendor Website

Linux86 64 (AMD64 or Intel64)

or Vendor Website

MacIntosh OS X(10.13 and later)
Note on Secure Kernel Extension Loading

or Vendor Website

CodeMeter Administrator Manual

or Vendor Website

3rd Party Visualization Tools :

The following products can be used to visualize data exported by FlexPDE :

Free, open source.
(Suggested for all FlexPDE users.)

LLNL Website

Free, open source.

ParaView Website


Tecplot Website


MayaVi Website


SlicerDicer Website

3rd Party CAD Tools :

The following products can be used to create OBJ mesh files imported by FlexPDE :

(Suggested for FlexPDE users wishing to generate OBJ mesh files from 3D CAD models.)

Rhino Website

Geomagic Wrap
(Suggested for FlexPDE users wishing to generate OBJ mesh files from scan data.)

3D Systems Website

Other CAD software
(Too many to list.)

Google Search