on Macintosh OS X

Whether the installation is from CDROM or Internet download, your installation file will have a name like
fpde500macxppc.dmg or fpde500macxintel.dmg

  • The "500" might be replace by another number, such as "514". This is the version number of the release.
  • "macx" means this version is for Macintosh OS X. "ppc" and "intel" indicate what hardware this version is made for. Be sure that the file you select identifies the correct hardware and operating system for your computer.

Merely download the installation file or copy it from the CD.  Then

  • Note : your browser may perform these steps automatically after download.
  • Mount (double-click) the .dmg disk image.
  • Double-click the flexpde5.pkg file.
  • Follow the instructions on your screen.

By default, FlexPDE5 will be installed in the folder "/Applications/FlexPDE5" on the drive you select from the installer.

  • Installation of FlexPDE requires administrator privileges.
  • You should copy the example files from the installation folders "Samples" and "Backstrom_Books" to a writable folder before running them.

Dongle Installation

Licensed use of FlexPDE5 Professional Version relies on a hardware license device, or dongle.  Before the license dongle can be recognized on any computer, you must install the dongle driver.  The dongle installation program is located on your CD, or from our main website download page, or you can navigate to and download and install the appropriate driver. Once the dongle driver is installed, you can upgrade versions of FlexPDE without reinstalling the dongle driver.