Installing on Linux

To install FlexPDE on Linux, you must decompress and un-tar the distribution file . Use the facilities of your operating system to accomplish this in the most convenient way.

Whether the installation is from CDROM or Internet download, your installation file will have a name like fpde600linux86_32.tar.gz

FlexPDE can be installed in any directory you choose.

Simply extract the tar file into a directory of your choice.  The "flexpde6" executable will be ready to run.  You can make a link on your desktop if you wish, using the file "fpde6logo82.png" included in the distribution.

Note: We are not masters of the interoperability conditions for the various implementations of "X86" Linux.  You can help by informing us of incompatibilities between versions.

Dongle Installation

Licensed use of FlexPDE6 Professional Version relies on a hardware license device, or dongle. Before the license dongle can be recognized on any computer, you must install the dongle driver.   Several versions of the dongle installation program are included on the FlexPDE distribution CD, or you can navigate to and download and install the appropriate driver. Once the dongle driver is installed, you can upgrade versions of FlexPDE without reinstalling the dongle driver.