FlexPDE license configurations:

Free Trial

For those who wish to evaluate FlexPDE more completely with their own problems, a free 30-day Professional 3D license is available.

  • Download and install the Lite version, run it and click "Help | Register FlexPDE".
  • Record the Computer ID shown on the Registration dialog.
  • Enter the Computer ID into the Trial License Request form.
  • Qualified requestors will receive a trial license by email. Send related queries to .

License Methods:

Internet Key - The standard method of licensing FlexPDE Professional is by internet activation. This mode of licensing generates a text key that locks the execution of FlexPDE to a specific computer. Access to the internet is required on a periodic basis to validate the key. The key can be released from one machine and reactivated on another without difficulty. This method can have multiple seats associated with the same serial number.

CodeMeter USB Dongle (Wibu Cm) - FlexPDE Professional can be configured to use a portable USB hardware key (dongle). Unlike previous dongles, this dongle can be used in both local and network mode. When desired, the dongle can be programmed with any number of license seats. FlexPDE can be run on any machine that has access to the dongle and there are available licenses. There is a $50 surcharge for the dongle. Dongle surcharge is waived for upgrades of existing CodeMeter dongles.
Note: HASP dongles from versions prior to v7 cannot be upgraded to v8, so a new CodeMeter dongle will need to be purchased.

Software Key - On special request, Professional configurations can be licensed in the form of a text key that locks the execution of FlexPDE to a specific computer. If you prefer a software license key, you must first download and install the software and record the computer ID from the "Help | Register FlexPDE" screen. Include the computer ID on the license application form. Your software key will be sent to you by Email. Copy this key to the FlexPDE installation directory (you may need administrator privileges to do this).
Note: this method has been replaced with the Internet Key, and is only available in special circumstances.
Upgrade price for existing Software Key licenses includes upgrade to portable Internet Key.