Who Can Use FlexPDE?

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Who Can Use FlexPDE?

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Most of physics and engineering is described at one level or another in terms of partial differential equations.  This means that a scripted solver like FlexPDE can be applied to virtually any area of engineering or science.


Researchers in many fields can use FlexPDE to model their experiments or apparatus, make predictions or test the importance of various effects. Parameter variations or dependencies are not limited by a library of forms, but can be programmed at will.


Engineers can use FlexPDE to do design optimization studies, feasibility studies and conceptual analyses.  The same software can be used to model all aspects of a design -- no need for a separate tool for each effect.


Application developers can use FlexPDE as the core of a special-purpose applications that need finite element modeling of partial differential equation systems.


Educators can use FlexPDE to teach physics or engineering.  A single software tool can be used to examine the full range of systems of interest in a discipline.


Students see the actual equations, and can experiment interactively with the effects of modifying terms or domains.