The Select Section

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The Select Section

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The SELECT section, which is optional, is used when it is necessary to override some of  the default selectors internal to the program.  


Selectors are used to control the flow of the process used to solve a problem.  


The SELECT section may contain one or more selectors and their associated values.  The default selectors have been chosen to optimize how FlexPDE handles the widest range of problems.  


The SELECT section should be used only when the default behavior of FlexPDE is somehow inadequate.


Unlike the other elements used in program descriptors, the proper names used for the selectors are not part of the standard language, are not reserved words, and are not meaningful in other descriptor sections.  


The selectors implemented in FlexPDE are specific to a version of FlexPDE, and may not correspond to those available in previous versions of FlexPDE or in other applications using the FlexPDE descriptor language.