Preparing a Descriptor File

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Preparing a Descriptor File

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Problem descriptor files for use with FlexPDE are most easily prepared and edited using FlexPDE's built-in editor, which uses syntax highlighting to enhance the readability of the user's script.  Recognized grammatical keywords are displayed in red, comments in green, and text strings in blue.


To begin a new descriptor file, simply click "File | New Script" from the FlexPDE main menu bar.  


To edit an existing descriptor, click "File | Open Script" instead.  


A convenient way to create a new descriptor is to start with a copy of an existing descriptor for a similar problem and to modify it to suit the new problem conditions.


FlexPDE's built-in editor is similar to the Windows Notepad editor and produces a pure ASCII text file without any imbedded formatting characters.  Descriptor files can also be prepared using any ASCII text editor or any editor capable of exporting a pure ASCII text file.  Descriptor files prepared with word processors that embed formatting characters in the text will cause FlexPDE to report parsing errors.