Post-processing with FlexPDE

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Post-processing with FlexPDE

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FlexPDE can be used to import both data and mesh structure from a previous run's TRANSFER and perform post-processing without gridding or solving any equations.

This is easily accomplished in a step-wise process:

Make a copy of the script that generated the exported data.  This will ensure that you have the same domain structure in your post-processing script as you did in the exporting script.

Remove the VARIABLES and EQUATIONS sections.  This is how FlexPDE will know not to try and solve any equations.

Remove any boundary conditions stated in the BOUNDARIES section.  Since the variables have been removed, any boundary condition statements will generate a parse error.

Add the TRANSFERMESH statement in the DEFINITIONS section.  This will read in the exported mesh and data.

Add any new PLOTs that you desire.  Now you can easily add plots that were not requested in the initial run, without having to rerun the original script.  This is especially useful when you have a computation that takes a lot of time.


Note: The domain structure must exactly match that of the exporting problem.


"Samples | Usage | Import-Export | Post_Processing.pde"

"Samples | Usage | Import-Export | 3D_Post_Processing.pde"