Making Movies

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Making Movies

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Since version 5, FlexPDE has had a simplified the process of creating movies from problem data.


1) Replaying a movie from a stored .PG7 file:

Open a .PG7 file from the "View | View File" menu.
You can use the "View | Frame Delay" menu item to set the delay between frames (default 500 ms).
Double-click to maximize a selected frame in the thumbnail display
Click "View | Movie" to replay all the instances of the selected frame.
Click "View | Restart" whenever you wish to begin a new replay, to move the reader to the beginning of the file.


2) Exporting a Movie from a stored .PG7 file to graphic files on disk:

Open a .PG7 file from the "View | View File" menu.
Double-click a thumbnail to maximize a selected frame.
Click "View | Export Movie". This will bring up a selection dialog to set the export parameters.
The selected frame will be scanned as for Movie, and all files will be written according to the selected parameters.
Use JASC AnimationShop to assemble the individual files into a GIF animation.
Use GIF2SWF or other conversion program to create Flash animations.


See Viewing Saved Graphic Files for more information.