Limited Regions

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Limited Regions

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In what we have discussed so far, the region structure specified in the 2D base plane has been propagated unchanged throughout the extrusion dimension.  FlexPDE uses the specifier LIMITED REGION to restrict the defined region to a specified set of layers and/or surfaces.

Instead of propagating throughout the extrusion dimension, a LIMITED REGION exists only in the layers and surfaces explicitly referenced in the declarations within the region.  Mention of a layer causes the LIMITED REGION to exist in the specified layer and in its bounding surfaces.  Mention of a surface causes the LIMITED REGION to exist in the specified surface.

In our ongoing example problem, we can specify:

LIMITED REGION 2        'blob'        { the embedded blob }

LAYER 'Can'  K = 0.001

START 'ring' (R,0)



In this form, the canister is not propagated through the "Above" and "Underneath" layers: