Boundary Search Functions

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Boundary Search Functions

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The functions XBOUNDARY, YBOUNDARY and ZBOUNDARY allow the user to search for the position of a system boundary from an evaluation point:


XBOUNDARY("boundary name")

XBOUNDARY("boundary name", ycoord)

XBOUNDARY("boundary name", ycoord, zcoord)


YBOUNDARY("boundary name")

YBOUNDARY("boundary name", xcoord)

YBOUNDARY("boundary name", xcoord, zcoord)


ZBOUNDARY("surface name")

ZBOUNDARY("surface name", xcoord, ycoord)


In each case, the function returns the X,Y or Z coordinate of the named boundary/surface at the (Y,Z), (X,Z) or (X,Y) coordinates of the current evaluation.


The form in which no evaluation point is supplied should only be used in places where the point can be supplied by context. E.g. plots or equations.