Known Bugs

As errors are discovered in the current release version, we will post a notice here, along with any available repaired version.
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Listed repairs are archives containing only the flexpde6 executable.  They are not full installs.

Bugs are listed with the newest report at the top.  Later repairs incorporate earlier ones.  Always use the latest posted repair version.
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Affected function



6.00 to current

Closing window of edited and unsaved script from right-click of tab on Linux/Mac.

Hangs FlexPDE until forced to quit from operating system.

No fix yet. Please save file manually before closing window. Note: FlexPDE auto saves when a script is run.

6.00 to 6.50

Automatic update check in non-gui flexpde6n.

Reports update available then waits for keyboard input instead of continuing.

FlexPDE 6.51 :

6.00 to 6.50

V7 compatibility.

Export of Globals in v7 fashion.

6.00 to 6.50

V7 compatibility.

Add ATAN2V6 so script can run in both v6 and v7.


Automatic update check.

Doesn't work when registered to a v7 license.