Sample Problems

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Sample Problems

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The standard distribution of FlexPDE includes over one hundred example scripts, showing the application of FlexPDE to many areas of study. These sample problems have been prepared by PDE Solutions staff and show various applications of FlexPDE, or illustrate features or techniques.

Many of these problems contain commentary describing the derivation of the model.  All are keyed for execution in Professional mode by the Lite version of FlexPDE. These scripts are installed by the standard installation procedure.  Modifying a copy of an existing descriptor is frequently the most efficient way to start building a descriptor for a new problem.  On Windows, sample scripts are installed in the "FlexPDE7 user" folder in the user's home folder as well as in the FlexPDE installation folder. The copy in the installation folder can be used as master copies.

Also included in the distribution, in the "Backstrom_Books" folder, are many samples from books written by Prof. Gunnar Backstrom showing the use of FlexPDE in a variety of fields.  See Backstrom's books online .